Had a great reception turn-out last night even amidst the snow showers over the area.  Lots of faces graced by snow flakes came through the door last night – some we knew, some we didn’t.  Thanks so much to Duquesne Beer and Amels for helping to provide beverages and food for the evening.  And a […]

The show opens tonight at the Gallery of the Brew House Association (2100 Mary Street, Pittsburgh 15203).  Tom Sarver will be spinning records.  Beer, wine and light snacks will be served.  Free admission.  Bring a guest, or two, or three to see some great art from area artists Justin Cooper, Meghan Olson, Jaci Rice, Tom […]

White walls, gray floor, tall ceilings. The finishing touches are being put on the exhibition space.  The work is almost completely up and settled.  Lighting to be finalized this week.  Food and beverage confirmed tomorrow. Tom’s playing his records for entertainment.  The opening will be great. We’re expecting a good turnout – don’t worry… The […]

Though an image of her work is still forthcoming, below is her statement. What does the home mean today? Does it still exist? Do we still long for a white pocket fence that surrounds our dream home? Or has the idea of home changed completely? In response to the idea of “The One That Got […]

The white buffalo – the one that got away – symbolizes anything that was lost or that was wanted, but never had.  And in thinking further about the impact of social media on our “white buffaloes”:  How often should we let go of something or someone, but can’t (or won’t) because it’s too easily within […]

Justin Cooper has illustrated a story about a little girl who grows up and forgets that she once had a childhood best friend named Zoe, a stuffed rabbit. The little girl’s rabbit had been used to hugs and going on adventures with her.   However, as the girl grows up she forgets all about Zoe and […]

Here is a sampling of Meghan’s work to be presented at the show.   Below is her statement. It is often when we find ourselves mistaking the map for the territory that drawn out pauses and slow, nearly geologic, shifts in thought begin to occur. I am interested in these moments- when circumstances and their aftermaths become […]